About Us

About Us

UMS MACHINERY; It operates in the field of production and marketing in the sheet metal processing machinery sector.

Adopting the principle of customer satisfaction and continuous development as the basic philosophy since the day it was founded, our company markets its products to all corners of our country and the WORLD.

Our company, acting with the principle of being a reliable institution, keeps the product and service quality at the highest level in order to make this principle a corporate culture.

Inside Our Manufacturing Ring;

Guillotine Shears with Reducer, Guillotine Shears with Arm, Folding Machine, Folding Clamping Machine, Pneumatic Clamping Machine, 4-Roll Cylinder Machine, 3-Roll Cylinder Machine, Asymmetric 3-Roll Cylinder Machine, Asymmetric 3-Roll Roller Machine, Cord Machine, Wood Crusher and other machinery and equipment.

Our company, which has the necessary materials, knowledge, team and equipment to fulfill its commitments on time and completely, always aims to do the best and constantly increase customer satisfaction.

Our Mission;

Our mission is to be a dynamic company by working without compromising the principle of quality and absolute customer satisfaction in the sector we serve.

Our vision;

Adopting the understanding of quality service based on customer satisfaction in the sheet metal processing machinery sector, contributing to the economy with the products it offers to the market and being a mentioned world brand.